Santhosh Kumar Ramanathan


Masters (GIS) student
Cultural ecosystem services assessment using social media photographs along Singapore’s coast

My thesis contributes a methodology to map coastal cultural ecosystem services in Singapore using geo-tagged photographs from a social media platform. This study will address three research questions: (1) if and how a mixed approach of both automated and manual image content analysis of social media geo-tagged photos can be used to extract coastal cultural ecosystem service values; (2) how the identified coastal cultural ecosystem services spatially distributed; and (3) how the people interact to coastal cultural ecosystem services. Resultant maps will reveal the hotspots and visualization of people’s interacting towards cultural ecosystem services along the Singapore coast. This approach can be utilized as tool for cultural ecosystem services assessment.

I hold a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Geoinformatics from the College of Engineering, Anna University, India. Currently, I am working as a research engineer at theTropical Marine Science Institute, NUS. I previously worked as a GIS software engineer in India and UAE. Most of my work experiences are focused on web research system and tool development with GIS analysis functionalities. My broader areas of research interest are 1) spatial programming towards decision making tools, 2) spatial data analytics to visualize patterns and 3) marine spatial planning.