Meet the Mangrove Lab

Mangrove Lab alumni


  1. Dr. Dan Richards
    Dr. Dan Richards
    Postdoc (2014-15), mangrove ecosystem services
  2. Rayna Benzeev
    Rayna Benzeev
    Researcher (2015-16), mangrove fisheries
  3. Akshay Deverakonda
    Akshay Deverakonda
    Researcher (2013), mangrove remote sensing
  4. Rickson Tan
    Rickson Tan
    Researcher (2012-13), mangrove propagule dispersal
  5. Wong Hiu Fung
    Wong Hiu Fung
    Researcher (2014), oil spill response

Graduate students

  1. Rachel Oh
    Rachel Oh
    Masters student (2013-15), mangrove rehabilitation
  2. Valerie Phang
    Valerie Phang
    Masters student (2013-15), mangrove carbon stocks
  3. Pricilla Seah
    Pricilla Seah
    Masters student (2017-18), disaster risk reduction
  4. Lee Wei Kit
    Lee Wei Kit
    Master student (2014-17), coastal protection of mangroves
  5. Dr. Pierre Taillardat
    Dr. Pierre Taillardat
    PhD student (2014-18), mangrove carbon fluxes
  6. Santhosh Kumar Ramanathan
    Santhosh Kumar Ramanathan
    Masters student (2017-18), cultural ecosystem services
  7. Jared Moore
    Jared Moore
    Masters (2016-18), community mangrove management

Visiting graduate students

  1. Pim Willemsen
    Pim Willemsen
    Visiting Masters student (2015), sediment modelling
  2. Katherine van der Velde
    Katherine van der Velde
    Visiting PhD student (2015-16), mangrove conservation
  3. Stijn Beernink
    Stijn Beernink
    Visiting Masters student (2017), mangrove inundation modelling
  4. Laura Collins
    Laura Collins
    Visiting Masters student (2017), stakeholder preferences of mangroves

Undergraduate students

  1. Ong Wei Bin
    Ong Wei Bin
    Honors student (2015), mangrove microclimate
  2. Fang Ruoming
    Fang Ruoming
    Honors student (2016), systems dynamics modelling of aquaculture
  3. Teo Rui Xiang
    Teo Rui Xiang
    Honors student (2016), mangrove remote sensing
  4. Zheng Zhangxin
    Zheng Zhangxin
    Honors student (2015), cultural ecosystem services
  5. Lee Min Lin
    Lee Min Lin
    Honors student (2015), cultural ecosystem services
  6. Isaac Low
    Isaac Low
    Honors student (2012), terrestrial laser scanning
  7. Chewng Wenzhao
    Chewng Wenzhao
    Honors student (2013), mangrove community management
  8. Tan Xiao Yi
    Tan Xiao Yi
    Honors student (2014), mangrove remote sensing
  9. Leon Gaw
    Leon Gaw
    Honors student (2014), mangrove remote sensing
  10. Leong Mun Kidd
    Leong Mun Kidd
    Honors student (2014), mangroves and oil spills
  11. Shermaine Wong
    Shermaine Wong
    Researcher (2014), cultural ecosystem services
  12. Jharyathri Thiagarajah
    Jharyathri Thiagarajah
    Researcher (2014), cultural ecosystem services
  13. Kuang Jin Yi
    Kuang Jin Yi
    Researcher (2014), mangrove sediment dynamics
  14. Seah Li Yi
    Seah Li Yi
    Honors student (2017), mangrove carbon degradation
  15. Aleena Kua
    Aleena Kua
    Honors student (2017), mangrove seedling establishment