Dan Friess PhD


Associate Professor
I'm interested in mangrove ecosystem services and their dynamics. How do mangroves produce ecosystem services? How do they respond to geomorphological threats (sea level rise) and anthropogenic threats (landcover change)? How can we better conserve wetlands through conservation actions such as habitat restoration and Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)?

I'm an Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, NUS. Previously, I was an Assistant Professor in the department (2012-2017) and a Research Fellow with the Singapore-Delft Water Alliance and the Applied Plant Ecology Lab (led by Ted Webb) in the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS (2009-2011). I received my PhD in wetland geography from the University of Cambridge, UK (with Tom Spencer and Iris Moller).

I'm a member of the IUCN Mangrove Specialist Group and the APCEL Specialist Group on Climate Change Adaptation in the ASEAN Region.

I am an Associate Editor for the following journals:
Journal of Ecology
- Estuaries and Coasts
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation
- Frontiers in Forests and Global Change
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (Editorial Board)

For a list of publications from the Mangrove Lab, click here . Also visit my University webpage  here .

- GE4207 Coastal Management
- GES1004 Biophysical Environment of Singapore
- GE5211 Dynamic Environments
- GE5217 Field Methods in the Environmental Sciences